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Our Mares & Fillies

People too often only look at a horse's sire, but every horse gets half its genetics from the dam... A great Sire and great Dam combined make truly exceptional foals!  We believe people looking at gaited horses want the smoothest ride a horse can give, so we train every horse to do the gait they do the most effortlessly and smoothly. This is what we call their "natural gait" and is what they predominantly do loose in the field as well as under saddle. We do not raise horses that "Naturally" Just Pace or Hard Trot, even though an athletic horse can usually do both those "poor" gaits as well as the smooth ones. All our horses gait very smoothly, although there will be variations in color, size, style of gait, etc.


We have been in the Gaited Horse business for nearly 30 years and have built our stock up from several ranches that were breeding them selectively for many generations...some even before the Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walker, Racking, Single-footing or other breed registries were formed! We only raise beautiful horses that gait naturally & smoothly, have great athletic ability & gentle minds! You can travel through many states, visit hundreds of horse farms, and seldom find horses of this quality. There are other people raising horses equal to ours, but they are few and far between...and usually priced higher than us.  After looking at and riding all the "bargains" you can stand, come ride with us and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! When you do, you will likely never be satisfied with anything else. 


After each name, (SF) = Single Footing Horse & (STB) = Standardbred & (MFT) = Missouri Foxtrotting Horse

Princess Bingo V. (MFT) 

Watch Her Video!

Princess is a wonderful MFT bay mare born in 1997, she stands 15 hands. She is one of our foundation mares sired by Annie Lobo (MO Traveler son) and out of a dam from Midnight Mac T & Zane Grey plus other wonderful ancestors. She has been a wonderful producer & a major part of our family.  She is a gentle and sweet babysitter for kids to learn on and at the same time an exhilarating and great ride for the most demanding adult rides. She is a multi-purpose horse for sure. She not only flat walks, foxtrots and canters, but also does a dream running walk, rack, and even a 20mph single-footing gait! We didn't even know she could do that for many years until we rode her alongside one of our Singlefooters and when he took off, she just copied him and away we flew! She is one of the most wonderful horses we've ever had. She had a foal in June 2017 and we plan to retire her having babies and let her carry our grandkids around!

Dollie's Starlight V. (MFT) 


YouTube Starlight Video!

Starlight giving 6 yr old boy his 1st riding lesson!

Starlight's Various Gaits & Racking 10-13 mph too!

Starlight is a sweetheart MFT gray mare born in 2000 that stands 15 hands & is used by the little tikes to learn on, she takes extremely good care of them!  She used to be used by Dad to do 20+ miles per day chasing elk through the mountains, but is starting to slow down these days. She is another rare horse that can sit untouched for months then put a little child on safely and also be a totally exhilarating and perfect horse for experienced riders to love riding! She flat walks, foxtrots, run walks, and racks in the low teens too! She had her last foal in 2017 and we plan to leave her open and just let her enjoy being ridden as many more years as possible.

Speed Dreamin' (SF) 


Dreamin' is a 2008, 15.1 hand, beautiful buckskin Single-Footing mare. She is a smooth riding, "gentle enough for kids but exciting for adults" type of  awesome mare! Her sire is a smooth moving Kentucky Mtn Horse (50% STB) sired by White Cloud and her dam was a racing Standardbred mare, so she's 75% stb. She is super gaited at all speeds, sweet natured and a blast to ride!

She is in foal to "Venom" for a 2025 single-footing foal (7/8 STB)

Rowdy's Black Lightning (SF)


Lightning is a 2008 model, 15.3 hand, gorgeous smoky black Single-Footing mare. She is loving & sweet, and truly a thrill to ride, either racing up the road or breaking brush in the mountains. Her sire is the awesome Single-footing Stallion, "Rowdy Rawhide's Lightning", and her dam is a 15mph gaiting TWH mare. She does a wide range of gaits well from a nice relaxed non-gaited walk, a 5-8mph flat foot walk, a 6-12mph running walk, a 8-20mph rack, to a 15-25mph single foot! She is well trained and gentle for all riders, but with a big motor who loves to cover the country! She has extreme endurance, the likes of which is seldom found in any breed...even world class Arabian endurance race horses I've trained! (And the whole time she's gliding along so I sit in total comfort without an inch of bouncing!) I can ride her at an average speed of 12mph for 3-4 hours straight without even resting, and she just eats up the miles like a machine! She's awesome in the hills, sliding down and climbing up steep rough terrain, very sure footed, and just more fun than words can describe to ride! We love this sweet mare.

She is being bred to Reverend's Blood Moon Rising for a 2025 single-footing foal! (75% STB)

Caviar's Southern Belle  (STB)


Belle is a 15.3 hand racing Trotting bred Standardbred mare, 2010 model, sired by the famous winning standardbred, SJ Caviar, a trotter with a 1:54 track record and $1.3 million winnings. She is a sweetheart and a beauty, plus a dream to ride...glassy smooth from a 4mph flat walk clear up over 20+mph single foot, that is surefooted in even rough and rugged country. She is a powerhouse with a lot of life, not spooky, but just an enormous desire to move forward and cover country which makes her too much for a novice rider but a real thrill for a good rider. This big powerful mare was a buggy horse and used to hard trotting when we got her and after having some babies for us I decided to see if we could turn her into a gaited riding horse, as I knew her genetics and loved her sweet disposition. It took a while riding her to get her to do all the gaits well, but now she flat walks, run walks, racks and single-foots. What an amazing experience to ride her, as she crashes through brush, gaiting smoothly in uneven terrain and topping sandy hills and conquering mountain peaks, one after another with awesome endurance and glassy smooth riding at any speed! I love how I can slow her to a 6-8mph gait to rest her, the same speed many horses get winded doing, and then go back to 10-20mph for another 10 miles. This mare is a dream to ride!

She's in foal to Boston for a 2025 curly single-footing foal! (50% STB)

Rawhide's Sierra Gold by C.M.  (SF)


This stunning 2017 buckskin SF Mare sired by Coalminer, son of Rowdy Rawhide out of a 30+mph standardbred mare, Miller's MIsty Moon MCI.   She is a big, solid 15.2h.  This sweet, nice moving mare is a really amazing horse! She is a blast to ride and we also look forward to the foals she will produce.

​Sierra has a beautiful new colt sired by He'za Bad Cat! See him on Foals page.

Rock's Royal Corvette (SF)

Corvette was foaled June 23, 2017 and is a gorgeous 15 hand bay, sired by The Rock and out of Princess, a Missouri Traveler bred MFT mare who very smoothly flat walks, foxtrots, run walks, racks and also single-foots over 20mph!!! She is amazingly gaited and very friendly and so beautiful! She gaits smooth as any horse I've ever ridden at all her gaits, and is extremely surefooted as well. We have her gliding through the forest at a 4-6mph flat walk, a 5-9 mph foxtrot, and doing an awesome 8-15mph rack and flies at 20+mph singlefoot. We'll continue building up her endurance at speed as we cover many miles, always focusing on her keeping a correct posture, soft mouth, obedient & submissive mind, with glassy smooth gaits at every speed, through any terrain & going up or downhill, an absolute dream to ride!

She's in foal to He'za Bad Cat for a 2025 single-footing foal! (75% STB)

Caviar's Rocky Mountain Belle  (SF)

This gorgeous bay paint SF Mare was born on March 23, 2018. Her sire is Cherokee, a powerful 16.1 hand, smooth gaited MFT stallion and her dam is our 15.3 hand racing tattooed trotting Standardbred mare, Caviar's Southern Belle. She is a stunning beauty that rides like a dream at every speed from a gliding flat walk clear up to a 20+mph single-foot! She had several months of basic obedience training with Dal & Margo Guymon, who do an absolutely superb job training.  We've put hundreds of miles on her, through the mountains and deserts and she has perfect gaits at every speed. Rocky Mtn Belle is a real beauty and a sweetheart! 

She is being bred to Reverend's Blood Moon Rising for a 2025 single-footing foal! (75% STB)

Rowdy Rawhide's Mercedes  (SF)


This gorgeous dark bay mare, born 4/25/18, is sired by The Rock and out of a Missouri Traveler MFT bred mare, with awesome smooth gaits. We expect her to mature in the 15.3-16 hand range & to be a fantastic smooth-gaited speed horse. She is already showing impressive athleticism and agility, and good gaits up to 20mph! She finished a couple months of basic obedience training with Dal & Margo Guymon, who do an absolutely superb job training.  We've put a few hundred miles on her, perfecting her gaits at each speed, working our way up to her potential, but focused on keeping her soft, supple, balanced, and smooth as glass as we reach for higher speeds & long distance endurance. Mercedes is going to be a big powerful speed gaited horse that we're very excited to enjoy for many years to come! 

She's in foal to He'za Bad Cat for a 2025 single-footing foal! (75%STB)