Our Mares & Fillies

People too often only look at a horse's sire, but every horse gets half its genetics from the dam... A great Sire and great Dam combined make truly exceptional foals!  We believe people looking at gaited horses want the smoothest ride a horse can give, so we train every horse to do the gait they do the most effortlessly and smoothly. This is what we call their "natural gait" and is what they predominantly do loose in the field as well as under saddle. We do not raise horses that "Naturally" Just Pace or Hard Trot, even though an athletic horse can usually do both those "poor" gaits as well as the smooth ones. All our horses gait very smoothly, although there will be variations in color, size, style of gait, etc.


We have been in the Gaited Horse business for nearly 30 years and have built our stock up from several ranches that were breeding them selectively for many generations...some even before the Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walker, Racking, Single-footing or other breed registries were formed! We only raise beautiful horses that gait naturally & smoothly, have great athletic ability & gentle minds! You can travel through many states, visit hundreds of horse farms, and seldom find horses of this quality. There are other people raising horses equal to ours, but they are few and far between...and usually priced higher than us.  After looking at and riding all the "bargains" you can stand, come ride with us and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! When you do, you will likely never be satisfied with anything else. 


After each name, (SF) = Single Footing Horse & (STB) = Standardbred & (MFT) = Missouri Foxtrotting Horse

Princess Bingo V. (MFT) 

Watch Her Video!

Princess is a wonderful MFT bay mare that stands 15 hands. She is one of our foundation mares sired by Annie Lobo (MO Traveler son) and out of a dam from Midnight Mac T & Zane Grey plus other wonderful ancestors. She has been a wonderful producer & a major part of our breeding program.  She is a gentle and sweet babysitter for kids to learn on and at the same time an exhilarating and great ride for the most demanding adult rides. She is a multi-purpose horse for sure. She not only flat walks, foxtrots and canters, but also does a dream running walk, rack, and even a 20mph single-footing gait! We didn't even know she could do that for many years until we rode her alongside one of our Singlefooters and when he took off, she just copied him and away we flew! She is one of the most wonderful horses we've ever had. She had a foal in June 2017 and we plan to retire her having babies and let her be a riding horse full time as many years as she can, as she loves going out in the hills with us!

Dollie's Starlight V. (MFT) 

YouTube Starlight Video!

Starlight giving 6 yr old boy his 1st riding lesson!

Starlight's Various Gaits & Racking 10-13 mph too!

Starlight is a sweetheart MFT gray mare that stands 15 hands & is used by the little tikes to learn on and even by Dad to do 20+ miles per day chasing elk through the mountains. She is another rare horse that can sit untouched for months then put a little child on safely and also be a totally exhilarating and perfect horse for experienced riders to love riding! She flat walks, foxtrots, run walks, and racks in the low teens too! She had her last foal in 2017 and we plan to leave her open and just let her enjoy being ridden as many more years as possible.

We'll bring Starlight and give rides for your wedding, reunion, birthday party or other event, with our beautiful white carriage! It seats 6 adults easily and can be open topped or covered. We charge $75/hour + travel expenses to your location.

Yankee's Flying Skittles

Skittles is a tall, powerful MFT mare with great bloodlines. She is that hard to find blend of desire to go AND kid safe. 

She is athletic with great endurance and can walk, flat walk, foxtrot, running walk, canter and rack.

She has fantastic endurance and can gallop along side our single footers without giving out on rides that are not too many miles, as galloping 10+miles straight through the mountains is too much to ask of most horses... But she's great for the family rides with kids.

Speed Dreamin' (SF) 

Dreamin' is a 2008, 15.2 hand, beautiful buckskin Single-Footing mare. She is a smooth riding, "gentle enough for kids but exciting for adults" type of  awesome mare! Her sire is a smooth moving Kentucky Mtn Horse sired by White Cloud and her dam was a racing Standardbred mare. She is super gaited at all speeds, sweet natured and a blast to ride! She is mother to our mares Camaro and Lamborghini.

Rowdy's Black Lightning (SF)

Lightning is a 2010 model, 15.3 hand, gorgeous smoky black Single-Footing mare. She is loving & sweet, and truly a thrill to ride, either racing up the road or breaking brush in the mountains. Her sire is the awesome Single-footing Stallion, "Rowdy Rawhide's Lightning", and her dam is a 15mph gaiting TWH mare. She does a wide range of gaits well from a 2.5mph non-gaited walk, a 5-8mph flat foot walk, a 6-12mph running walk, a 8-20mph rack, to a 15-25mph single foot! She is well trained and gentle for all riders, but with a big motor who loves to cover the country! She has extreme endurance, the likes of which is seldom found in any breed...even world class Arabian endurance race horses I've trained! (And the whole time she's gliding along so I sit in total comfort without an inch of bouncing!) I can ride her at an average speed of 12mph for 3-4 hours straight without even resting, and she just eats up the miles like a machine! She's awesome in the hills, sliding down and climbing up steep rough terrain, very sure footed, and just more fun than words can describe to ride! We love this sweet mare.




















































Caviar's Southern Belle  (STB)

Doctor's Little Sheeba  (MFT)

For Sale (Comfirmed in Foal to Bad Cat) - $7500

Sheeba is a gorgeous 2010 Registered Missouri Foxtrotter we produced, daughter of our good ol' girl, Starlight. She is gentle, very well gaited with great endurance and excellent build. She is trained to pull a cart and is a fun trail horse. She is extremely well bred for fast, smooth gaits and athleticism. She can do an extra fast rack for a foxtrotter.

She has been bred to Bad Cat and is confirmed in foal for an amazing (hopefully black sabino!) single-footing foal!

Sheeba is available as a broodmare only, due to lameness in her front leg.

Here is Sheeba's video when first trained (doesn't show her fast rack): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zruLIPKDvY

Belle is a 15.3 hand racing Trotting bred Standardbred mare, 2011 model. She is a sweetheart and a beauty, plus a dream to ride...glassy smooth from a 4mph flat walk clear up over 30+mph single foot, with endurance only Hollywood filmmakers could believe! She will be enjoyed as a riding horse and bred to produce the world's smoothest & fastest gaited horses!

Belle is bred to Cherokee (16.1 hand MFT) for a full sibling to Rocky Mtn Belle, due August 2020!

Rock's Flying Gypsy (SF)

Gypsy in Training gait video Nov 2017

*** More Videos to Come ***

Gypsy is a 15 hand, 2012, gentle, beautiful & athletic jet black Single-Footing mare. She has a nice even 4 beat gait from a flat walk up to a speed racking Single-Foot gait. She is smooth and fast. Her sire is a Two Time World Champion Speed Racking Stallion, "The Rock" and her dam is a lovely gaiting TWH mare. She is a riding horse extraordinaire and bred to produce amazingly fast, smooth, gentle Single-Footing foals. Gypsy had a gorgeous filly in 2017 and will stay open as a riding horse for now but will likely be bred back to Bad Cat again later.

Rock's Black Panther (SF) 

Panther was foaled May 2, 2017 and is a lovely black filly sired by Bad Cat out of Gypsy, a Rock daughter! She is sweet and gaited to the hilt and is so adorable! She appears to be maturing around 15-15.1 hand range & VERY solidly built. We expect her to be a 25-30mph speedy cat!

Rock's Royal Corvette (SF)

Corvette was foaled June 23, 2017 and is a gorgeous bay filly sired by The Rock and out of Princess, a Missouri Traveler bred MFT mare who very smoothly flat walks, foxtrots, run walks, racks and also single-foots over 20mph!!! She is already amazingly gaited and very friendly and so beautiful! She should mature around 15.1 hands and be another rare 20-30mph speed machine!

LaSal Mountain Jaguar (SF)

Jaguar was foaled May 30, 2017 and is a beautiful little speed demon sired by HeZa Bad Cat stallion out of a super nicely gaited Princess daughter (MFT), whose parents both rack and one does a 20+mph singlefoot as well. So Jaguar should be a really awesome mare, that can gait smoothly from a 4mph walk to a rocket like singlefoot around 30mph! She is a smokey black which ranges from black to hershey's chocolate brown, often with highlights in the mane & tail. I absolutely love her breeding, conformation, natural gaits that are smooth at all speeds. Jaguar has a very sweet personality, will bond easily to people and is a joy to be around. She will be a horse that loves to eat up the miles and really cover country...a real Goer! She is a real sweetheart and a beauty! 

She's just starting her training now, stay tuned to see her riding under saddle soon!

Caviar's Rocky Mountain Belle  (SF)

This gorgeous bay paint single footing filly was born on March 23, 2018. Her sire is Cherokee, a powerful 16.1 hand, smooth gaited MFT stallion and her dam is our 15.3 hand racing tattooed trotting Standardbred mare, Caviar's Southern Belle. She should be a big stunning beauty that rides like a dream at every speed from a gliding flat walk clear up to a 20+mph single-foot!

Rowdy Rawhide's Mercedes  (SF)

This beautiful filly, born 4/25/18, is sired by The Rock and out of a Princess daughter, Sensation's Bay Angel. We expect great things from this stunningly gorgeous gal. She should grow to be a fantastic smooth-gaited speed horse in the 15.3-16 hand range! 

Rock's Dream Lamborghini  (SF)

This beautiful filly, born 8/13/18, sired by The Rock, out of Speed Dreamin', is truly as perfect a filly as I've ever seen in every way! She should mature at 15.2 hands, glide like a dream at every speed from 2-30+mph and is athletic as any horse I've ever seen. We are very excited about her! She is a dark sooty buckskin, solidly built, and incredibly gaited, with a spunky fun personality!

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