Horses Sold

At DeMille Family Ranch, we want every horse we sell to be advertising for us and sending us new business, so...


"We only sell horses we'd be excited to keep for ourselves!"











Hi there folks! Here are pics & videos of some of the horses we've sold for your viewing pleasure.

We have sold many more wonderful horses to great people over the years, but I've only included those I have good video or pictures of on this page. So, if you have purchased a horse from us and would like us to post it here, feel free to send us a youtube link to a video of your horse & a photo. I will gladly post it here for you! Thanks!

EZD's Smokin' Black Camaro (SF) 

Congrats Nichole!


Camaro in Training video, Nov 2019

Camaro walking calmly over logs and water

Camaro crossing 1st Bridge

Camaro slow gaiting through forest

Camaro in training Gaiting through brush etc...

Camaro Slow Racking with our foxtrotters

Camaro Flat Foot Walk 6-8mph

Camaro Racking 12-16mph

Camaro is a beautiful 15 hand 2014 smoky black mare sired by the original EZD's son, Rowdy Rawhide & out of our awesome SF mare Speed Dreamin'. She is an amazing & lovely mare, who was coming along well in training when Nichole bought her. We hope they  have a wonderful life together riding the trails along the sandy coasts and through the beautiful forests of Northern California!

Dr's Sweet Jazz (MFT)

Congratulations Craig!

Rowdy Rawhide's Rock (SF)

2 time, World Champion Speed Racking Horse!
Congratulations Matt!

Silver Stingray

Congrats Cordel!!

Indian Princess Freckles (MFT)

Congratulations Nancy!

Floyd's Little Cricket (SF)

Congratulations SingleFoot LLC in Israel!

Winston's Legend (MFT)

Congratulations Terri !

She'Za Cheetah

Congratulations John & Shannon!

Singlefoot filly sired by He'Za Bad Cat

Full Throttle Harley

Congrats John & Shannon!

Singlefoot filly sired by Full Tilt Boogie & out of Rowdy Rawhide Mare

Rock's Ferrari

Congratulations Craig & Lisa!

Singlefoot filly sired by Rowdy Rawhide's Rock

Eye of the Tiger

Congrats Lorenzo!

Singlefoot filly sired by HeZa Bad Cat

Xena & Glory (Percheron Team)

Our family has raised draft horses for many years; in fact, one of my first memories as a child was sitting between the hames and holding on to them on the back of our old Clydesdale, still wearing my diaper, as she pulled the wagon loaded with sugar cane to be pressed & cooked into molasses. Through the years we have had Belgians, Suffolk Punch, Clydesdales, Percherons and various crossbreeds. We have used many old fashioned farm implements and also pulled buggies for weddings, parades, and other parties. We love these gentle giants! Here is a video of our last (and favorite) team of draft horses.

Beretta Rapid Fire (SF)

Congratulations Jan!

Tahoe's Golden Patriot (MFT)

Congratulations Oliver & Rachel !

Cupid's Rowdy Secret (SF)

Congratulations Tyler!

Sterling's Traveling Ace (MFT)

Congratulations Lynn!

Midnight Express (SF)

Congratulations Darrel!

Sterling Merry Prize (MFT)

Congrats Joni !

Dr's Harmony (MFT)

Congratulations Cynthia !

Hydro's Pawnee Bill (MFT)

Congratulations Manuela Nitz & Kokopelli Foxtrotters
in Luckau, Germany on the purchase of this fantastic stallion!

Dun Got It All (MFT)

Congratulations Susan!

Sunrise's Perfection (MFT)

Congratulations Susan!

Moon's Asia Blue (MFT)

 Congratulations Cordell !

Ace's Cypress Cindy (RMH)

Congratulations Barbara!

Lobo's Dollie Ann (MFT)

Congratulations Saundra!

Dr's Little Sheeba (MFT)

 Congratulations Jay!

Doc's Morning Star (MFT)

Congrats Mike!

Krystal's Black Satin (MFT)

Congratulations Sandi !

Shady Lady (MFT)

Congratulations Chris!

Goldie Locks (MFT)


Congrats Sandy!

Mustang's Moonlight - aka "Nozer" (MFT)

 Congrats Elizabeth!

Tiger Lilly (MFT)

 Congratulations Lance!

Floor It Porsche (STB)

Congratulations Mia!

La Sal Mountain Princess (MFT)

Congratulations Bret !

Princess' Morning Treasure (MFT)

Congratulations Faye!

Sun Dust's Iron Indian (MFT)

Congratulations Lacee!

Dun Prayin' by Sunrise (MFT)

Congratulations Ami !

Sensation's Bay Angel (MFT)

 Congratulations Ami !

Dun Made In Heaven (MFT x Percheron)

Congratulations Brett!

Cherokee's Flaming Sunrise (MFT)

Congratulations Angela!

President's Faithful Cherokee (MFT)

Congratulations Craig!

Rawhide's Prince (SF)

Congratulations Ami !

Sensation's Sorrow & Joy (MFT)

 Congratulations Janice!

Traveler's Morning Star (MFT)

Congratulations Craig!

Cherokee's Indian Dancer (MFT)

Congratulations Angela!

Cherokee's Ringo Star (MFT)

Congratulations Lance!
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