Our Geldings

Rawhide's Rowdy Comet  (SF)

Click to Watch Comet Gaiting Slow (5-6mph) on Rocky Downhill Slope!

Click to Watch Comet doing various gaits in the beautiful Utah Mountains!

Click to watch Comet burning across Antelope Island, Nov 2017!

Comet is a 2010 model, gorgeous 15.1 hand bay Single-Footing gelding that is gentle, smooth, fast, and fun to ride anywhere by anyone...just that "perfect horse" everyone wants! He neck reins, is calm for shooting guns off his back, gaits smoothly at any speed from 2mph-25mph on verbal que, and is simply a wonderful riding horse! He is one of our horses that we ride all the time, so he's not for sale. Sorry! :(  This is an example of what can be produced by crossing a trotting Standardbred Stallion, like Bad Cat, on MFT, SSH, TWH, SHOBA, RHBAA, RMH, Pasos & any other smoothly gaited mares!

Phoenix Rising (STB)

Phoenix is a 2012, 15.3 hand trotting-bred Standardbred gelding. He is a great ride, smooth as glass at all speeds, and also drives buggies. He is learning the joys of Western Living and the fun of endless miles of desert canyons & beautiful mountains! :)  He has the most endurance of any horse I've ever ridden, including the Arabs I trained, and just eats up the miles like a machine! It is normal to cruise on him 20-30 miles without him even wanting to rest, up and down mountains at average speeds 10-15mph, and still be wanting to go at the end of the ride. (I've never yet experienced him getting tired enough to want to stop, as the ride planned ends first or I wear out before he does. And I've done many rides on him that would have likely killed most other horses to even do a fourth part of.) He just blows my mind with his high energy when asked for it and how calm he is immediately as soon as we enter dark timber with downed logs all over he has to carefully maneuver through and hop like a deer. He's totally non-spooky, very obedient and just more fun to ride than I can put into words! He's obviously one of my favorite horses ever! 

Noble Manner  (STB)

Click for Video of Noble Manner, cruising through the Utah desert!

Noble is a 2013, 17.1 hand, trotting-bred Standardbred gelding. He is a nice buggy and riding horse. He can gait smooth as a bicycle on pavement up the trails and even through the rough country. His power is exhilarating to feel! He was broke to drive and raced chariots. His gentle personality made him less than desirable for the race track, but exceptional as a trail horse! He gaits smoothly, like a good quality Tennessee Walker, Foxtrotter, etc. at a flat walk and run walk, then he also has the awesome speed gaits of a rack and single-foot, going up to & past 30mph! His endurance and athletic ability is amazing. He can carry 400lbs over the mountains all day. He is surefooted, non-spooky, magnificent, gentle and a really wonderful riding horse! He can walk slow with non gaited folks or gait along with galloping thoroughbreds & out distance most other horses. He's a thrilling ride, with the combination of gentleness, power, speed!

Rock's Easter Spirit (SF)

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