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"We Only Sell Horses We'd Be Excited To Keep For Ourselves!"


We faithfully live by this slogan! We want every animal that comes from our ranch to be advertising our program in a way that keeps sending us new customers. When shopping with us, you will quickly learn that any and every flaw or fault each horse has will be openly pointed out. We are very up front about everything, so our clients are well informed of every problem, bad habit, or potential issue the horse has. We won't sell horses that don't fit the buyers, as our reputation & your satisfaction are far too important to us!


We have been in the Gaited Horse business for 30 years and have built our stock up from various ranches that were breeding them selectively for many generations...some even before the Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walker, Racking, Single-footing or other breed registries were formed! We only raise beautiful horses that gait naturally & smoothly, have great athletic ability & gentle minds! You can travel through many states, visit hundreds of horse farms, and seldom find horses of this quality. There are other people raising horses equal to ours, but they are few and far between...and usually priced higher than us.  After looking at and riding all the "bargains" you can stand, come ride with us and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! When you do, you will likely never be satisfied with anything else. 


We define a "Finished" horse as one that always obeys without any fuss or question; goes anywhere you want it to, like a drop off into a river or jumping over 4-5ft deadfall; doesn't spook or do stupid/dangerous things; stands still for you no matter the environment; is not afraid of gun shots; and simply handles like a dream. 


After each horse's name are these letters distinguishing which breed the horse is:

(MFT) = Missouri Foxtrotting Horse,  (SF) = Single Footing Horse or Speed Racking Horse, (STB) = Standardbred, (TWH) = Tennessee Walking Horse, (RMH) = Rocky Mtn Horse, (SSH) = Spotted Saddle Horse, (KMH) = Kentucky Mtn Horse, (PF) = Paso Fino, (PP) = Peruvian Paso, (GM) = Gaited Morgan, (IL) - Icelandic Horse, (WL) = Walkaloosa Horse, (MT) Montana Traveler

Doctor's Little Sheeba  (MFT)

For Sale (Comfirmed in Foal to Bad Cat) - $7500

Sheeba is a gorgeous 2010 Registered Missouri Foxtrotter we produced, daughter of our good ol' girl, Starlight. She is gentle, very well gaited with great endurance and excellent build. She is trained to pull a cart and is a fun trail horse. She is extremely well bred for fast, smooth gaits and athleticism. She can do an extra fast rack for a foxtrotter.

She has been bred to Bad Cat and is confirmed in foal for an amazing (hopefully black sabino!) single-footing foal!

Sheeba is available as a broodmare only, due to lameness in her front leg.

Here is Sheeba's video when first trained (doesn't show her fast rack):

Rowdy Rawhide's Chicken (SF x Chicken)


but we can only sell him if you can catch him!

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