"The World's Smoothest Ride"

   After 30 years breeding and training the world's best gaited horses, sending them all over the world for others to enjoy, we are now retiring from the full-time horse business and just keeping a few horses for our family to enjoy & will produce a small number to sell on occasion. We wish to thank the hundreds of customers we have had and tell you it has been a joy to meet so many wonderful people and share our passion of "Riding Smooth". 


We also still have frozen semen that can be shipped world-wide, stored at the vet's, to breed your mares...so see the stallion page for that. I also am still giving gaited horse riding lessons on occasion, so contact me to set up a time that I'll be in your area...or come ride with us on the national forest lands and I'll give you pointers as we ride through the beautiful forest or desert!

Alma & Heather DeMille

Birdseye, Utah & Monticello, Utah

Cell Phone: (435) 632-2820

Visitors Welcome!

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