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See Various Breeds Doing Other Breed's Gaits

I've often been asked if one breed of horse can do the gaits of another breed. The answer is yes, quite often. And, in some cases, horses will do the gaits of a different breed even better than they do the gaits of their own breed. Also, we love teaching our gaited horses of many breeds to do gaits of other breeds too if they can. This allows the rider to switch between many gaits in varying terrain or need for different speeds and is also a lot of fun. We teach them to gait smoothly, no matter which gait they are doing. We do not teach or promote poorly executed gaits that are rough to ride or bad for the horse's health, such as a hard trot, pace or riding them with chains or anything that causes them pain. We are firm believers that all training should be done to bring out their natural abilities without the aid of painful tools or methods. We love riding all breeds of gaited horses, when their gaits are done smoothly. Below you will see some videos and photos of various horses doing gaits of their own breed and other breeds. Enjoy!

This is a newer page on our website, so we'll be adding a lot to it check back...or even email us pics and videos of your horses to use if you'd like to have them included! We are going to post a bunch of horses doing the gaits normally associated with their breed and the same horses doing other gaits too.

Foxtrotter Mare doing her Foxtrot and then Racking

We ride Sunrise at a foxtrot most of the time, but sometimes we wanna go twice as fast and take off with her in a Rack...Lotsa Fun!































Foxtrotter Mare doing a slow Single-Foot (rack) and then her Foxtrot


We rode Satin to make a sale video for our friend who owned her. In the video you can see her slow walk, flat walk, foxtrot, step pace, and rack/single-foot. She's sold, but is shown here to demonstrate another foxtrotter mare doing gaits of several breeds, and all in a very nice ride! Two left pictures she's racking and on right she's Foxtrotting.





Single-Footing Stallion shown doing a Foxtrot and then his Single-Foot




















We ride Bad Cat in the Foxtrot gait (left) to get a glassy smooth ride at 6-8mph when riding with other gaited horses that travel this speed and also to rest him when we've been riding him faster for a while in his Single-Foot (right).


On this Video you can see Bad Cat doing all the variety of his gaits...Flat Walk, Foxtrot, Rack & Single-Foot!




























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