He'za Bad Cat Offspring

She'Za Cheetah

Daughter of He'Za Bad Cat & MO Traveler, Merry Boy Sensation MFT mare

Eye Of The Tiger

Tiger was foaled April 3, 2017 and is a gorgeous filly sired by He'Za Bad Cat and her dam is Dun Prayin' By Sunrise, a big beautiful well gaited racking foxtrotter mare. Tiger is a beautifully colored Grullo that should mature at 15 hands, 1000 lbs and be one speedy lil' cat! She was gaiting beautifully and smooth at all speeds right from day one and we've seen her Singlefoot smoothly at 15mph at a week old keeping up with her mother galloping across the field!

Rock's Black Panther

Panther was foaled May 2, 2017 and is a lovely black filly sired by Bad Cat out of Gypsy, our Rock daughter! She is sweet and gaited to the hilt and is so adorable!!!

LaSal Mountain Janguar

All those who bred mares to Bad Cat, please send us your baby pics to put on this page!!! Thanks!
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